Digital Wallet

Our Digital Wallet Business Card solution is a fully managed software and design service to create a business card for your Apple or Google wallet. With the combination of digital business cards, we provide unique option for contactless engagement, networking and exchange of professional details.


1. Create                                                                             

We will create your business card with all your contact details and customised with your specific design, brand colours and logos. 


2. Add                                                                              

When complete we will share the card via url or QR code. Scan the QR code to save your business card to Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.


3. Share

Show your business card, to your clients or prospects and they can also add to their wallet jut like you did. They also have the option to add business contacts directly to their phone's contacts. Users can save your live contact card anytime!





  •  Custom Design
  •  Live Contact
  •  Meeting Requests
  • Unlimited Cards
  • Direct Messaging
  • Location Messages
  • Multiple Staff
  • Data Export



£5/Month OR £50/Year